From three-note songs on the piano, flawed attempts at the Internet , to a remaining insatiable appetite for harmony , Natalie Wiarda was finally saved from herself in the autumn of 2020 when she met her matches.

Max, her fearless percussionist and Harry, a drunker-than-boxed-wine bass prodigy. The following spring brought Phil, too sexy for his own good on guitar and Kaila, the original harmony minion.

Unto us WIARDA is born.

Influences include Regina Spektor, Amanda Marshall, Alanis Morisette herself & MUNA. WIARDA is a fusion of anthem rhythm, confessional lyrics and church chords.

They’re getting pretty popular in the local Vancouver DIY, grassroots festival scene.

Seeped in trauma bonding and lessons not yet learned ,WIARDA will make you feel something.

If you sang along it would blow my mind.

These confessional tracks will score your break up, fuel your road trip, enhance your high. I like words, and so do I. While you rehearse your authenticity and check your math, WIARDA will be there.

Seeped in trauma bonding, lessons not yet learned and sarcastic honesty, WIARDA will make you feel something.

It’s cheaper than therapy and they’re easy on the eyes.

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We want to record more music for the world, and we’re working on it, ok?!

We love you.